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     Michael Kibby           

                                                      Watchmaker                                                         Member of the

                                                                                                                                       British Watch & Clockmakers

                                             Antique and Modern                                                        Guild 

Watch Service, Repair & Restoration.                   


I specialise in period timepiece repair and restoration. Apart from regular watch repair and servicing, I am able to offer repair/restoration to English, American, Swiss, French and German watches, Fusee watches, Verge watches, Chronographs, Repeaters, Chrono/repeaters, Clock watches, etc, and any period from c1660 to c1960.


Being a watchmaker of some 30 years standing and a member of "The British Watch & Clockmakers Guild", I have over the years restored watches for clients around the globe, from places as far a field as Australia, USA, Israel, Canada, Belgium, South Africa etc, and of course many from home here in the UK. Apart from general servicing; repairs and restorations come in the form of customers collections, personal watches, keepsakes, and watches of sentimental value.


All work is carried out in a clean modern workshop using the latest electronic watch timing equipment, modern super accurate Boley watchmakers lathe, enabling balance staff manufacture, end drilling, and turning of all descriptions.


    Please feel free to contact me to discuss your personal requirements.